Sunday, June 25, 2006

If it's not one thing it's another. Tech/Electronics one by one fail or break down. Last month it was my new Dish reciever which I added a cooling fan to it. OK. Now just in time for today's 100 degree day it's my one year old LG Air Conditioner. When the cooling element comes on the plug "trips" off and so I have to reset it to have it start again...It trips off again. Called LG who I now know has the WORST 24/7 phone support! Hanging up on you because you want results gives you "no stars". So fuck them! When I upgrade my cell I will probably switch. Well Verizon takes care of me, so LG phones are no prob, just appliances.

I went down to Lowes and got a Samsung 12,000 btu (the LG is 8,000) for $250- and am installing it now. 92 yesterday (was 88 inside at 11:20p when I came home...Mr. K was outside all day in the shade) 100 today, 102 Monday.

Excellent phone support? Deep Discount DVD! I had a duplicate disc in my Homicde: Life On The Street set (Seasons 1-5 set, 22 discs, 1 dupe grrrr), She had e-mailed my my postage paid tag while I was still on the phone. ****!

While I install the A/C I listen to Electric Six's Danger! High Voltage...fortunately it's on Sweet!