Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Follow up to Westboro Baptist protesting Silverton, OR Transgender Mayor

HA! Westboro Baptist Church protesters came in droves to protest the new transgender Mayor of Silverton. OK 4 (FOUR!) protesters showed up including one of the many adult children of the church's founder. They sported signs saying "Fags Are Beasts", "You're Going To Hell", "America Is Doomed", "Your Pastor Is A Whore", "God Hates You", and "Antichrist Obama".

In supprot for the Mayor was 150 citizens of Silverton and nearby places. Signs shown included "Stu Rocks", "Jesus Loves Stu", "Silverton Together United", and "Our Town, Our Mayor".

What's with the hate and militancy Westboro Baptist?

I hate hate, and I believe God does too. I don't hate anything, hate is a very strong word to me, but I do hate hate.

Photo courtesy of Statesman Journal.