Monday, November 3, 2008

Circuit Chity Closes 155 stores...Pacific Northwest spared.

The link above in the title shows the list of what Circuit Schity stores are closing 12/30 acorss the US. Only one in the Northwest is closing, which is a surprise to me. The store here in town opened in February of this year, after the old store closed after the holidays. The new store was so new that even the employees were new! That turned me off. I'm sure they fired all the old employees and hired new ones at lower wages. Some answers I got at the new store when I was looking for merchandise affirmed this belief. Haven't been there in months now.

At Best Buy I know where the new release movies and music are on street day when I walk into the store. They are not still in boxes or hiding on the back bottom of the New Release fixture.

Oh yeah the old building? Still abadoned, still empty. Nice way to waste money.