Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kroger recalls ground beef...charges you more to replace

Kroger recalled all styrofoam wrapped ground beef last week. I bought a package the day before they announced the recall. Since then I got a message on a receipt that said DO NOT CONSUME THIS PRODUCT. So I felt inclined to take it back to the store. I could either get a refund or replace the product. I opted to replace it. What I didn't realize is that to replace the product I had to pay the difference of the price I paid last week for the stryrofoamed wrapped product to the tubed packages that were the only product available at the time I exchanged this week. The difference was $9.50 additional to the price I paid the week before! I said no, just give me a refund. I should of kept it and ignored the message in BOLD letters on the receipt and cooked it to 160F. I called Kroger to complain. When an item is recalled usually the corporations repair or replace the item at no cost to the consumer, not charge them more. I should of got it at Safeway where it was on sale for slightly less and wasn't recalled. Oh well.


Kevin Spencer said...

I would have complained as well mate. Actually that really sucks. I think I'll be going to Safeway from now on as a form of protest/solidarity ;-)