Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goat hops on bus...doesn't have right fare

Goat Reunited With Owner After Boarding Bus

A pygmy goat boarded a commuter bus in southeast Portland Monday night, leading a bus dispatcher to call 911.You can't ride TriMet without a ticket or a pass, especially, if you're a goat.
Officials said the bus was on layover at Southeast 94th Avenue and Foster Road when the goat wandered through the bus doors.
Concerned of nearby freeway and street traffic, the bus driver alerted TriMet dispatchers."I've got a very strange request," the caller told an emergency dispatcher. "A goat is on our bus. We need him off."
A Portland police officer took the 47-pound pygmy goat to a Multnomah County Animal Services shelter in Troutdale. The officer attached a note to the goat; it read: "Didn't have the correct fare."