Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Nice day to Blog...

So I am still a man dissatisified with his own Blog. So many sites, so many formats. But how to keep one going that satisifies me to continue it running at a normal pace than once in a blue moon?

Oh well. I have one at Modblog, ran it pretty frequently last summer. I revisited it now with a memory failure of what the password was to it, and forget about retrieving it or reseting it! Boy that hasn't happened yet! It's almost been a week!

Live Journal at the longest, but there is something about that site that prevents me from embracing it. Mabye they teens overpopulating it? Or is it the countless quizzes, that even myself for a time have induldged in.

MySpace? yeah I got a profile there. Some others on that site over saturate their profile with too much info and always something going off when it finishes loading. Another teen site...I should know, my nephew has a profile on there as well.

I like Blogger for the most part. I monitor certain other Bloggers that keep pretty impresive blogs that make me frequent more than I should.

I think it will be Blogger that I will rest my thoughts and ramblings.