Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ashlee Simpson sucks! (So why blog about her?)

I'll tell you why! I love Flight Of The Conchords and in the new weekly album charts they willed Ashlee into hopeful oblivion! Flight Of The Conchords debuted their first full length comedy/music album at #3 with 54k copies sold, which is 2nd best for a comedy album after Dane Cook's Retaliation hit #2 in 2006.

Ashlee? She is in a downward spiral. Her first craptaciular album sold 398k, her 2nd album 220k, and the new one? 47k...ouch, that's a drop.

Pick up Flight Of The Conchords album today. It comes with a poster inside! All their stand-up songs and ones from the HBO series too.


Kevin Spencer said...

I love those guys. My faves are Business Time and Jenny. I'm so getting this album.