Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tiger Direct.com & rebates and CrapUSA (CompUSA)

I got a video card from Tiger Direct.com that included a $20 mail-in rebate. Well the company that deals with the rebates, worldwiderebates.com also deals with CrapUSA and CrapUSA.com in which I hear that people that get merchandise that comes with rebates at CrapUSA get shafted, so i'll see what happens.

My craptacular rebate expereince usually comes from the rebate processing center in El Paso that deals with Trans World Enterprises otherwise known as you local F.Y.E. music chain. I have gotten numerous postcards saying lame stuff like "Invalad UPC" which is weird since it's the one from the package. I think they do it to yank my crank or they hope that i'm gullabule and don't print copes of everything I submit. Same goes with Staples "Easy Rebates"...yeah right! It was anything but "Easy", I did get all those rebates anyways. Though I think they intentionally run a bad customer service ethic hoping customers forget after the 8-10 weeks of processing.

I get other rebates like from Di$ney and TDK that came back in 4 weeks and am pleased with that.

The CrapUSA's in the Portland area are still empty abandoned buildings...good riddance! You were decent in the 90's but sucked since. The one at 82nd and Johnson Creek wasn't even open 2 years before closing.