Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Watched Idiocracy last night 'B'. Funny movie, but wait...there's more!

Coffee shops turn up the naughty in Puget Sound area

By Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) - In the Mike Judge film "Idiocracy," set 500 years in the future, coffee stands have turned into sex service stops.

That may not be as far off as the filmmaker imagined because some Puget Sound baristas are wearing flimsy clothes and flirting with customers as they steam their lattes.

Women working at several "Cowgirls Espresso" stands wear lingerie. At Port Orchard's "Natte Latte" baristas wear pink hot pants and tight white tank tops. Bikini tops are the uniform at "Cafe Lorraine" in Woodinville.

At the "Best Friend Espresso" in Kenmore drivers can look through the window at young women in short skirts, high heels and tank tops.

"Best Friend" owner Wayne Hembree says his employees found their tips are better when they wear short skirts.

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