Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keane has cancelled their North America tour for the Fall.

Ticketmaster sucks x2...They refunded me the face value, service charge, but they kept their grubby, greedy hands on the processing charge as per "policy".

What will I do on October 4th you ask? Why haven't you updated your blog? ok ok I am...now.

What was a major inconvience is now a happy resolve. I am going to see Scissor Sisters down the road instead. I was gonna see them in Seattle when I found out they were gonna play the same night as Keane. This works out better!

This will be the 3rd time seeing Scissor Sisters, would of been the 4th time but didn't see them the first time even though I got tix (they were like $10 that time), and the 2nd time this year seeing them.

New cd Ta-Dah is out in 2 weeks 9/28.